Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome BACK!

Wow, Is summer over already!!!!

What is your first project? I like to start with an upside down Picasso from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. Absolutely a MUST read for any art teacher!

By drawing something upside down we transform the way in which our brains compute the information. I find that kids really get in the "zone" AKA, right side of the brain, for this activity. It is so neat to watch them!

What you do:

Igor Stravinsky by Picasso
Put this image on the screen upside down. Don't show it to them right side up until after the entire class is finished. Show them how to copy the lines and make sure they work from TOP to BOTTOM. Tell them when they get to the middle and bottom (try not to use the words "hands" and "face") to break it down it to simple lines. Play soft music and don't talk to them. Let them get into that zen zone. Even the rowdy kids quiet down and focus. Don't interrupt them, I repeat, DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM! Tip toe around and answer any question with a whisper. Make sure to make copies for the kids that can't see the board. If you have never done this you will be amazed!