Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fairy Tale Mash Up 8th grade Pre AP

For this Project, 8 grade Art 1 Pre Ap Students had to Remix a classic Fairy tale or two! Students were responsible for taking their own reference photographs and arranging the compositions in a pleasing way. These were colored with Prisma colors, but some also have graphite or charcoal.  

Fairy tale Saga
Group Norms: Stay on topic, don’t play around, respect everyone in your group, work as a team but strive to be an individual.
Grading: you will receive several daily grades and  two test grades based on Criteria met (25) Creativity (25)  Craftsmanship (25)  Composition (25)

Step 1: Divide into groups and choose a fairy tale/ fable/ or nursery rhyme to interpret. Use books provided or go to http://www.ivyjoy.com/fables/
and choose one there. Every group must choose a different story.
Step 2: Read the story. Take notes and discuss story themes, plots, and symbolism. Discuss how the story is different from what you thought the story was from watching Disney. Brainstorm photography and drawing ideas.
Step 3: After discussion, go to the drawing board. Each member of the group must produce 3 ideas/ sketches of their interpretation of the fairy tale in modern time. Don’t be cliche here. I down want to see Snow White waiting on her kiss. Dig deep into the story and create one-of-a-kind  interpretations.
Step 4: Photography time! each member of your group will stage the scene from your sketch. Each student will set up their own photo with the help of the group. Consider lighting, props, and facial expressions. Use phones to take several photos from different angles to choose from later
Step 5: Prepare photographs for gid. You may collage in elements. Grid your photo/ photo collage and prepare your drawing surface.
Step 6: transfer your photograph into a beautiful  and interesting drawing using pencil, prismas, or charcoal.
Pinocchio meets Humpty Dumpty 

Beauty and the Beast

Ring around the Rosies

Ring around the Rosies

Little Red Riding hood


  1. Wow! These are So Impressive!

  2. Thank you Mary! The kids had a blast making them!