Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Social issue Silhouette

Kara Walker is an amazing artist, unfortunately, not very appropriate for Middle School students.  My colleague and I have wanted to try a K. Walker project for some time but were always too scarred. We decided to show some examples of Bansky and one 2 PG rated Kara Walker projects. Students had to express a point of view relating to a social issue (They chose from a PG list of social issues, some of the heavy ones were edited out). They were only allowed to use silhouette. We also discussed classical composition strategies leading up to this project. Students had to generate their own imagery although the last painting is done from the child's head. These were painted on watercolor paper with flat tempera paint.  

Environmental destruction

Video game violence 



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  1. I'm a new art teacher (who studied film). I love this idea and was wondering if you could tell me what you did to scaffold their learning. Also, would you be willing to share the rubric?